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your frequently asked questions about my artwork & designs, handmade watercolours and ceramics and shipping answered below! 

  • What ingredients are in your handmade watercolour paints?
    Our handmade watercolour paints contain Gum Arabic, Ox Gall Liquid, Honey, Glycerin and Clove Oil.
  • Why are some pans under-filled while some are over-filled? How do you ensure each pan contains approximately a half pan's worth of paint?
    Due to the handmade nature of the ceramic pans, there are variations between one pan to the next. To ensure there is a half pan's worth of paint in each pan I fill them up by weight. Before I fill the ceramic pans, I will fill a standard plastic half pan (to a muffin top!) - knowing the weight of the plastic half pan will give me a good indication as to how much the paint itself should weigh. I do this for every pigment as each pigment will require a different amount of binder. Once I find out the weight of the paint, I will weigh and mark each ceramic pan and will fill them with paint so that the total volume will equal the weight of the ceramic pan plus 2mL of paint. Some pans will be underfilled which means the cavity is larger than that of a standard plastic half pan. Likewise, some pans will be overfilled which means the cavity is equal to or small than that of a standard plastic half pan.
  • How do you ensure the quality of the paint? How are your paints made?
    To ensure each paint is to the highest quality and standard there are a few steps involved in the paint making process. When testing the pigment I will first try to find out the pigment to binder ratio. Once this ratio is established each paint will be mulled with a muller on a coarse glass slab for at least one hour in 20-minute interval. At every 20-minute interval I will swatch the paint to check vibrancy. I will also test the pigment is dispersed well in the binder by rubbing the swatch with a paper towel and eraser to ensure no pigment is transferred from the paper. This ensures that your paints are dispersed evenly in the binder and will not rub off the page or transfer from the page.
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